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In the meantime here is your Approx. 40m2 Timber Decking Estimate: Starting from $9000

Timber decks are warm, stylish and add value to your home, it’s no wonder why you’re considering one! The number of design options is huge. Jarrah or Merbau? Stain or oil finish? Narrow board or wide board? Fear not! We are here to help and are happy to assist you with these difficult decisions.
To keep it simple for now, here is a little info about our timber decks…

  • We recommend using hardwood timbers for lasting quality.
  • They only take a few days to build, all materials arrive promptly and our lads are
    super talented at getting these laid quickly.
  • All of our work is structurally engineered to ensure not only safety but quality, and to
    top it off we even build it above Australian Standards because we want you to feel at
  • We source our materials from a range of local suppliers and only use quality timbers.
  • There are a range of finishes to choose from.

Should you have any more queries feel free to get in touch.